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This website consist of a dozen static pages. The service provided is simple, so that there is little to say about the terms. However, note that the terms change once you leave this website. For example, Google's terms of service apply to the Carrot Programming mailinglist.

The terms might change in the future without further notice.

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Carrot represents self-funded non-for-profit work. This website is authentic intellectual property of the author. It's protected by international treaties. Content has been created and synthesized for the pages from scratch, unless explicitly noted.

Most sections reflect discussions the author encountered over the past twenty years. Many thoughts aren't new in every detail, they aren't an invention of Carrot. Still the author regards the consistent view presented through Carrot as his intellectual property.

The author apologizes for not providing bibliographic references to first-hand information as an added value. However, serious bibliographic research is more than a query on Google.